Rib School Scheveningen

The RYA Powerboat School for your International boating license. Review score of 9.8 !

RIB School Scheveningen is located in the vibrant port of Scheveningen, the Netherlands and is a certified RYA Coastal Powerboating school.
We are in the near proximity of the North Sea. An exiting and challenging place to navigate. The port is great for all manoeuvring exercises with various types of vessels and sailing yachts.

We offer the RYA certified courses on our Rib boats with console steering or on our Zodiac Milpro MK5’s with tiller steering.
We train government officials, like the Dutch Police and the Department of Waterways and Public Works.
We also offer courses for deckhands and individuals, including expats. Some internationals may apply for the ICC, which is required for individuals who wish to operate a boat in European waters.

Moreover we give several type of Zodiac courses for Expedition staff, to improve their Zodiac skills, from all over the world.
The high demand for training staff for expedition ships allows us to now offer on board training as well.
And for anyone that wants to be more confident on the water, we offer tailor-made courses.

We hope to welcome you on board!
Sea U soon!

International RYA Powerboat School for Rib training and Zodiac training

The port of Scheveningen is the perfect location to learn how to manoeuvre in narrow spaces, but also how to come alongside a large ship. The jetties are either windward or leeward, and here you will get to experience the influence of the wind.
Since we are a Coastal Powerboat School, the tides are also discussed. If the sea permits we are on the open North Sea within 5 minutes. We ride out to the cardinals and take compass bearings. Furthermore, we practice ‘Man over Board’ manoeuvres at sea, and get acquainted with sailing the rib in tidal waters and navigate back in on the leading lights.

The strict requirements of the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) apply to the certification of Internationally recognised boating courses. Every year our school is inspected for safety, inventory and administration by an RYA inspector from the United Kingdom. We argue that safety, knowledge and service are of paramount importance to us.