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About us

We would like to introduce ourselves briefly:

30 years ago we started as volunteer lifeguards at the Hague Life-Saving Brigade. During those years we learned a lot about the forces of the sea and we respect them too. Lives have been saved and help has been provided many times. We both shared a passion to work as life-guards at sea and to learn how to deal with the different circumstances.

We also realised quite quickly that with every rescue it is vitally important, that the safety of yourself, your colleagues and your drowning person is guaranteed. The boats and other equipment must be reliable. With this crucial knowledge in mind, we indicate that safety and excellent materials at RIB School Scheveningen have the highest priority.

After a visit to the RYA in England in 2007 and several conversations with private individuals in the Netherlands, we noticed that many water sports enthusiasts find it fun and useful to develop their skills further. We, on the other hand, like to share and transfer our knowledge. A year later we started the First RYA Coastal Powerboat School in the Netherlands.

We have been around for more than 16 years, and with 7 skilled instructors we are a recommended boating school for Government employees, Expedition staff, expats, deckhands, offshore crew, etc.

Besides riding the RIB we also share a passion for sailing regattas on the North Sea. Basically we love everything that has to do with salt water.

We hope to welcome you on board soon!

With sporty greetings,

Michel, Katinka and The RIB School Scheveningen team.

You are in safe hands

  • More than 30 years of experience in the Hague Voluntary Rescue Brigade
  • 6 years Post Commander the Hague Rescue Brigade, in Scheveningen
  • 3 years Operational Commander the Hague Rescue Brigade
  • 23 years Skipper for the Hague Rescue Brigade
  • 21 years Boating Instructor for the Hague Rescue brigade
  • 10 years Beach Instructor, Rescue Brigade the Netherlands
  • 5 years National Examiner, Rescue Brigade the Netherlands
  • Certified first aid, AED, CPR
  • 20 years of experience sailing the sea
  • Sailing licenses I, II, Marcom B, TKN
  • RYA National Powerboat Certificate level 2 (coastal)
  • RYA National Powerboat Certificate Advanced (coastal)
  • RYA Advanced National Powerboat Instructor (coastal)
  • RYA PWC (Personal Watercraft Instructor) for the jet ski